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Human Factors & Ergonomics

The Keil Centre human factors team is world-renowned. Our experts specialise in making human factors understandable, accessible and practical. We provide a range of consultancy and training services to support your needs.

Our ethos is to partner with you to resolve your issues, whilst helping you to develop internal human factors capability. Our team can:
  • help you to manage your human factors priorities within a structured framework
  • support design activity, whether for a specific product or an engineering programme
  • provide support for incident investigation and train you to do it well
  • help you to enhance your safety culture, reduce human failure and get the right performance from your team
  • enable you to manage your fatigue risk and understand your workload and staffing issues
  • help with critical verbal and written communications and make your procedures easier to use

What we offer

We offer human factors consultancy and training services for key critical areas. Our services are focused on reducing the risk of adverse events and understanding them if they do happen. We help you to strengthen your organisation against risks and improve your human performance going forward.

Who we work with

Meet the team

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