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HMI Design

HMIs cover a range of technologies from simple hard-wired control panels to complex control systems. The operator’s situational awareness and ability to execute tasks safely is directly affected by the HMI design. Our expertise enables you to develop optimal HMIs and ensure effective operator performance.

Who's it for?

We work with operators, developers and project engineers to improve HMI design.

We have expertise in a wide-range of industries and applications, from early design to upgrades and modifications. Our HMI experience includes control systems in process and transport systems and control panels in process, manufacturing and vehicles.


Our experts have a detailed working knowledge of industry standards , such as the ASM Consortium Guidelines, EEMUA Publications and ISO standards. Our support can help you to deliver:

  • Improved operator situational awareness and performance supporting:
    • system optimisation
    • decision-making
    • emergency management
  • Reduced operator workload and errors
  • Effective alarm management

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Effective operator performance is essential for ensuring the safety and optimisation of the control systems. Good design allows the operator to focus on the most critical information, making the right decisions and then acting on those decisions. We conduct a thorough analysis of the technical and user needs and design the HMI to meet these needs.

Our expert team:
  • uses recognised analysis techniques to understand the users’ information needs in different operational scenarios
  • combines these with industry standards to specify the operator span of control and detailed requirement for information presentation
  • supports the design by enhancing:
  • Structure and navigation, to facilitate fast access to information
  • Visual presentation, to facilitate recognition and interpretation
  • Alarm handling and management
  • performs compliance reviews against relevant standards
  • tests the design with operators to identify design issues and enhance information presentation
We work with many industry standards including: For less complex HMIs, such as consumer electronic/ software products, see our product design page.