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Measuring Human Factors Maturity (HFM®M)

Our human factors maturity® model (HFM®M) enables you to measure your baseline and progress in managing human factors. We use this to help you identify your priorities and define actions for improvement.

Who's it for?

  • Safety and operational professionals who need to demonstrate progress in human factors
  • Senior managers who want to know how well they are managing their human and organisational factors


The measurement follows the latest evidence-based practice. It enables you to:

  • establish your baseline
  • demonstrate your achievements
  • identify areas of improvement
  • define a clear and practical way forward
  • tackle elements in a logical order
  • gain credibility with your regulator/industry assessor

Find out more

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Our experts facilitate the structured assessment process to enable an honest self-appraisal. The model uses a 5-level scale of maturity to measure 12 human factors elements. The elements are those most closely related to major accident hazards. The model has also been used in non-safety critical organisations.

The model was developed by Keil Centre experts and tested with the cooperation of an industry partner. It has since been used in the energy, chemical and shipping sectors, where there is potential for a major accident. The 5 maturity levels reflect how well organised and proactive the company is in each of the 12 topic areas, from emerging to leading edge.