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Managing Human Factors

Human factors can seem difficult to manage and it is not always clear where to start or go next. We support organisations to measure their human factors management, identify priorities and define an effective way forward.

Who's it for?

Safety and operational professionals are often tasked with managing human factors but have no relevant qualifications or training.

We support you to develop your capability to manage your human factors effectively.


Our experts have a detailed knowledge of the breadth and depth of human factors. We use established tools, standards and the latest evidence-based practice to guide you in managing your human factors issues.

Our support enables you to:

  • develop an approach to meet your needs
  • develop your human factors capability
  • have confidence in your approach
  • gain credibility with the regulator/industry assessor

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Many organisations have implemented human factors programmes to improve safety and avoid major accidents. Feedback on your progress helps to maintain direction and momentum. Our expert consultants will partner with you and guide you in the right direction.

​​Human factors is a broad area to manage and it needs a comprehensive integrated approach. Developing a strategic, evidence-based framework helps to focus your efforts and positively impact health, safety and efficiency.  We support organisations to measure their human factors maturity® and can assist with the development of strategic guidance for implementing human factors priorities. We provide training and professional development courses to improve internal capability and awareness.

We have supported projects in many sectors, for example:

The Keil Centre experts’ book, Human Factors in the Chemical and Process Industries, provides the background knowledge and practical guidance for managing human factors in the workplace.


The book was inspired by the international human factors training course run by the Keil Centre with IChemE, which has reached four continents across the world. The book is written for those who want a comprehensive overview of the subject, focusing on the practical application of human factors. It has been written for safety professionals, engineers and operational disciplines within industry, and those aspiring to these disciplines, who either deal with human factors issues or any aspect of the human element in their core role.

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Our team of human factors experts includes Chartered Psychologists and Ergonomists with the highest level of qualification and professional accreditation. We have the practical expertise to support your needs.