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Wellbeing & Mental Health at Work Training

Our Business Psychology & Wellbeing team has an extensive suite of training courses, masterclasses and workshop materials to support resilience, wellbeing and mental health in a work environment.

Who's it for?

Everyone can benefit from increasing their resilience, wellbeing and mental health to ensure they are able to thrive at work.

We support managers and leaders who want to improve their ability to proactively manage wellbeing, resilience and mental health in their teams and respond appropriately to team members who are experiencing difficulties or returning to work following stress-related absence.


Our courses and training offer:

  • comprehensive coverage of wellbeing, resilience and mental health at work
  • interactive and practical content that includes opportunities for self-assessment, case studies, videos and exercises
  • trainers and facilitators who are expert psychologists
  • content specifically tailored for a manager and leader population if required

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Resilience is typically defined as the ability to deal with pressure and stress, overcome obstacles and bounce back from set-backs. Being resilient is a part of achieving wider wellbeing at work as well as in our home lives. In a more complex work environment, organisations increasingly understand the importance of boosting employee wellbeing, resilience and mental health at work and the critical role that managers and leaders can play in relation to this.

The Keil Centre’s Psychologists understand how to proactively develop resilience and wellbeing at work as well as how to support recovery from instances of mental ill-health. Our training and workshop materials are evidence-based, combining insight with practical techniques and tips to support wellbeing and resilience at work. Our core training and course content includes materials on the following:
  • developing the habits of resilience
  • coping with stress and pressure
  • performing under pressure and developing resilient responses in the moment
  • achieving a better work-life balance
  • applying mindfulness for wellbeing
  • recovery from stress-related absence and return to work
Our training courses for managers and leaders also include:
  • exploration of the manager and leader’s role in supporting team wellbeing, resilience and mental health
  • overview of common signs and symptoms of stress and mental ill-health
  • tips and techniques for managers to boost team wellbeing and resilience
  • techniques to support the people manager’s response to someone in distress, suffering from stress at work or returning to work after stress-related absence
  • expert guidance on the prevention, management and treatment of acute stress, as potentially experienced by those operating in high hazard situations
Our modules can be combined to create tailored programmes for your organisation; we also develop bespoke content to fit specific team or organisational circumstances. The Keil Centre can provide expert psychologist facilitators as well as working with organisations to support delivery through internal facilitators.