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Fatigue & Shift Work

Safe operations require alert workers. The Keil Centre has extensive experience in assessing fatigue risk and tailoring practical, evidence-based solutions.

Who's it for?

We work with those designing, conducting, supervising or managing shift work and fatigue.

Our clients include those from the transport, oil and gas, and energy sectors. Our approach is applicable for any sector.


Our fatigue experts have a detailed knowledge of the latest fatigue research and legislation. We use recognised scientific tools and techniques to assess and control fatigue risk. This enables you to achieve:

  • an effective fatigue and shift management system
  • a reduction in fatigue risk likelihood
  • increased rapport with staff about fatigue and wellbeing

Find out more

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Sleep is vital for performance and wellbeing, but fatigue is more than just not getting enough sleep. We need systems at the organisational level to support fatigue management as well as strategies for the individual. We assess the main causes of fatigue and develop strategies to manage these risks within operational constraints.

When establishing or assessing a fatigue risk management system, it is important to first understand the current risk. Once this is understood, we can establish the best approach.

  • We use different metrics to assess the fatigue likelihood of a given roster or shift pattern.
  • We assess the actual fatigue levels experienced by personnel through questionnaires and sleep/ work diaries.
  • Our team then tailors fatigue management improvements and controls to treat the identified risk.

We also provide fatigue education for staff at all levels of the organisation.