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My Team My Responsibility

My Team My Responsibility (MTMR) is a safety leadership tool comprising five short interactive educational modules. Each module aligns with the themes of a Safety Behaviour Standard. These modules are facilitated by team leaders/ supervisors, working with their own teams.

Who's it for?

MTMR is an implementation option for any organisation with a Safety Behaviour Standard and whose priorities include:

  • engagement of the workforce in safety culture
  • supervisor safety leadership training
  • reinforcing a community approach to managing health and safety
  • producing team action plans to improve safety behaviours


  • Educating and engaging all employees in the Safety Behaviour Standard
  • Building a ‘one team’ approach to managing health and safety
  • Encourage proactive thinking about what could go wrong and how to prevent it
  • Develop supervisors’ skill, confidence and commitment to managing health and safety within their own team
  • Equip supervisors with new practical support tools and techniques

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Our one day classroom-based training course enables supervisors and in-house safety professionals to plan and deliver the MTMR programme. All materials required to deliver the programme will be issued during training, including an e-workbook that allows both the supervisor and the business to monitor progress.