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Human Performance Tools

Our training is based on the latest research into optimising human performance in the workplace. The training explains the key factors that influence performance and is delivered as engaging exercises and games. Delegates learn to use the tools to handle human performance issues in their day-to-day work.

Who's it for?

Our 2-day training is targeted at those who manage teams engaged in safety related work.

Delegates become familiar with a suite of tools to enhance human performance. This includes 3-way communications, safe habits, and pre- and post-job briefings.


Our human performance tools training is a highly interactive and fun way to learn about managing human performance limitations. Delegates will:

  • learn about human performance through real-life case studies
  • understand the limitations of human memory
  • participate in interactive games to demonstrate how human limitations, such as over-confidence, impact on performance (e.g. defusing a bomb and escaping an evil genius)
  • understand the conditions that make error more likely and how to mitigate these

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Optimising human performance involves predicting and managing the factors that lead to human errors and violations. Our training involves a series of interactive activities for the whole workforce. The activities encourage discussion about potential causes of work errors and enable practical actions to be identified.

We combine theory with real-life case studies to build understanding of key concepts, such as human fallibility, cognitive biases and error types.

The tools include a human factors risk assessment to help people to identify tasks where the workforce are over- or under-confident. This helps to prioritise and act on tasks with the largest potential for human failure.

We teach delegates high-level task analysis to enable them to identify the most likely errors that could occur at each stage of a task. Delegates then identify the ‘performance shaping’ factors that contribute to these errors occurring.  With our research-based solutions, they can then act on tasks with the largest potential for human failure.

Human performance is heavily influenced by the limitations of human cognitive processing, including memory and cognitive biases.  We use interactive exercises and games to demonstrate human limitations and fallibilities.

Delegates learn to use a suite of human performance tools covering influences on human performance and how to manage them.  The tools include pre- and -post job briefs, 2nd checking; contingency planning; concurrent verification; jobsite reviews; 3-way communication and safe habits.  Delegates then practice applying the tools as a team with a game to escape from a locked room.

Delegates receive a handbook on the human performance tools to remind them of the tools and how to use them in their day-to-day work.