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Medico-legal Assessments

The Keil Centre can provide psychological assessments and reports for legal purposes. We accept instructions from solicitors and other legal sources in relation to individual court cases.

Who's it for?

Our medico-legal reports are written by one of our psychologists in the role of an expert witness. They could be used in any legal matter where expert witness evidence is required to provide information to the court. The medico-legal reports we prepare are mainly in connection with personal injury and medical negligence claims.


  • Impartial knowledgeable reports, prepared by an experienced psychologist with accredited training in writing medico-legal reports
  • Recommendations can be made in respect of treatment or further investigation
  • Cost-free enquiries

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The psychologist typically assesses psychological difficulties and provides a professional view of the nature and extent of psychological issues related to the relevant case. We aim to offer assessments within 1 month and, depending on volume of medical records and supporting information relevant to the case we complete reports within 2 – 3 weeks.

A medico-legal assessment mainly consists of the following stages:
  • A clinical interview
  • Administering, scoring and interpretation of psychometric measures (as appropriate)
  • Reviewing of medical records
  • Interviewing 3rd parties for collateral information (as appropriate)
  • Report writing
Medico-legal reports are charged at our hourly rate with most costing around £1250, depending on the complexity of the case.