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Managing Human Failure

Even the most well-trained, experienced and motivated people sometimes fail to perform as well as expected. We use psychology and ergonomics expertise to help organisations manage their people’s performance by understanding why people behave the way that they do.

Who's it for?

We support organisations who wish to understand in depth why people behaved the way that they did. This may be as part of an investigation but can also be any situation where someone didn’t perform as expected.

We also support the prediction of how people may perform their tasks and behave in the future.


Our consultants have over a century of experience between them in managing human failure.

We analyse the behaviours involved in incidents and address the underlying causes.

We can also work with you to predict the potential human failures (both errors and non-compliances) that may occur when performing a specific task. This can help to reduce risk with design, procedure and organisational changes.

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Humans failing to perform as expected contributes to more than 90% of incidents. It is important to understand the real underlying causes of human behaviour and to proactively identify the ways in which people could fail. This means that defences against such failures can be designed and implemented before an incident occurs.

We provide training for investigators to identify the factors that trigger and influence certain behaviours. This equips them with the tools necessary to formulate better recommendations to reduce the recurrence of similar incidents. We also provide ongoing coaching for those trained in our tools.

We use Safety Critical Task Analysis. This includes Human Reliability Assessment (HRA) to identify how and where human failure could have significant consequences. This also includes designing appropriate preventative measures. We can also carry out assessments to identify where certain roles or tasks may be vulnerable to rule breaking or procedure violations. Having identified potential issues, we then help to identify where further defences or control measures are required.

We also provide mentoring, coaching and training on these analyses and other human performance tools for organisations who wish to develop an internal capability.

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Our team of human factors experts includes Chartered Psychologists and Ergonomists with the highest level of qualification and professional accreditation. We have the practical expertise to support your needs.