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Team Development

Our Business Psychologists work with teams to help them examine the effectiveness of their team-working, collaborative problem solving and decision-making for sustainable improvements.

Who's it for?

New teams who want to:

  • quickly build the foundations of strong team performance
  • come together to identify individual and collective strengths and weaknesses

Existing teams who:

  • want to improve how they work together
  • need to adapt the way they work together due to changing circumstances


Our training, workshops, strategy day activity and seminars:

  • access an extensive library of team development resources, including tried-and-tested activities
  • can be supplemented with an assessment of current team-working effectiveness and offer guidance on areas for improvement
  • are delivered by psychologists, experienced in delivering on potentially sensitive subjects such as interpersonal tensions and disputes

Find out more

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When new teams form, the expectation is that they will instantly perform effectively. However, this is seldom the case; taking time to reflect on and consolidate current working practices is highly beneficial for newly-formed teams and can also benefit established and high performing teams.

We deliver team activities as stand-alone workshops, as part of away-days and strategy days and as part of a more structured development programme. Our activities are tailored to specific organisational contexts including:
  • models of team development, with associated diagnostics to assess how the team sees itself and recommended improvement actions
  • reflections on team cohesiveness, values and behaviours
  • models of team roles, examining the styles present and the corresponding collective strengths and potential blindspots
  • team and individual wellbeing and resilience, supporting decision-making and performance under pressure