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Investigative Interviewing

The Keil Centre’s expert safety investigators provide training on the use of cognitive interviewing techniques to enhance investigative interviewing.

Who's it for?

The Keil Centre’s two day Investigative Interviewing Course is designed for:

  • incident and accident investigators
  • inspectors/ auditors
  • in-house human factors advisors

It is recommended that participants have at least a basic understanding of safety investigation, including evidence collection, analysis and review, within a just culture framework.


You will gain:

  • an understanding of factors influencing interviewees
  • the ability to formulate the right questions, and knowing when and how to ask them
  • improved planning and conduct of investigative interviews
  • improved accuracy of evidence acquired from interviews
  • a step-by-step understanding of the components and structure of cognitive interviewing
  • practical development of your interviewing skills
  • coaching from expert interviewers

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Interviews are an important source of evidence; sometimes they are the only source of evidence. But interviewing skills do not come naturally to most of us and research shows that good techniques are not commonly used.

Cognitive interviewing techniques are well founded on scientific principles of human information processing, storage and retrieval, complemented by effective interpersonal skills which enhance interviewing success. Cognitive interviewing methods are used extensively by safety investigation agencies around the world. They have been shown to increase the information gained from interviewees by up to 40% compared to traditional interviewing techniques (1).

The Keil Centre’s investigative interviewing course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of cognitive interviewing techniques. The course focuses on practical skills development and includes individual coaching to improve the quality of your interview and the evidence collected therein.

Our trainers are highly-trained accident and incident investigators with extensive specialist experience in safety investigations in high-hazard industries, including aviation, transport and the resource sector.

1. Fisher, R.P. & Geiselman, R.E. (1992). Memory-Enhancing Techniques for Investigative Interviewing. The Cognitive Interview. Charles C. Thomas Publishing: Springfield, Illinois