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Workload Analysis

Overload or underload can have a critical impact on safety performance. We use a combination of established and well-validated workload assessment methods to help organisations identify and resolve workload issues.

Who's it for?

Organisations that need to identify and/or address an existing workload problem.


We combine scientifically validated methods with our human factors experience from different sectors.

Assessing workload enables you to:

  • predict workload in a number of different scenarios or operational conditions
  • identify the balance of workload within a team
  • identify how to resolve any issues
  • improve safety and efficiency

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Both high and low workload can introduce risk to safety related activities. We use a combination of recognised, evidence-based assessment methods to determine whether workload levels within an organisation could threaten performance. We then provide advice on how to address workload issues.

Our consultants have many years’ experience working in safety critical industries where high or low levels of workload can cause serious problems. Workload is best addressed by combining workload assessment methods to identify peaks and troughs. We select the most appropriate methods based on the task in question.
We typically combine subjective ratings from the operators with timeline analysis: subjective workload assessments measure and predict the perceived workload, while task and timeline-based modelling techniques measure and predict workload issues.

We then work with the client to identify practical measures that can be taken to manage workload levels.

Our experience has come from the rail, aviation, defence, and oil and gas sectors. We welcome enquiries from all sectors.