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Safety Culture

The safety culture of an organisation is the way people think and behave in relation to safety. History shows that poor safety cultures have contributed to many major accidents including Chernobyl and Piper Alpha. At The Keil Centre we have a range of award-winning tools for assessing and developing safety culture.

Who's it for?

Operational, HR and safety managers who want to understand the safety culture of their organisation.

Our tools and methods are also widely used by those who have already measured their safety culture and want to develop it.


  • User-friendly assessment methods based on solid psychological theory and evidence
  • Simple to understand output allowing comparisons between sites, departments and levels within the company
  • Qualitative data to identify the underlying assumptions at the heart of your safety culture
  • Tangible definition of the behaviours required at all levels of the organisation
  • Assessment materials available in multiple languages for international application

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The Keil Centre uses a range of high-quality, validated methods and tools to help organisations measure, define and develop their safety culture. Our highly qualified consultants have decades of experience in this field and will work with companies to identify the most appropriate approach to suit their needs.

We can assess safety culture, define a culture for an organisation to aspire to, develop safety leadership behaviours and guide organisations to build a just and fair culture. We have supported projects in many sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, aviation, oil and gas, infrastructure, chemical processing and mining. Our wide range of evidence-based methods ensures that your company will always receive the most appropriate programme to suit your specific safety culture needs.

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Our team of human factors experts includes Chartered Psychologists and Ergonomists with the highest level of qualification and professional accreditation. We have the practical expertise to support your needs.