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Positive Safety Conversations

Positive Safety Conversations (PSC) is a research-based methodology developed by The Keil Centre which aims to encourage ongoing, high quality, open communications about safety.

Who's it for?

The PSC methodology is aimed at organisations that are looking to enhance the quality and frequency of open conversations about safety.

PSC training can be aimed at managers, supervisors or all employees. The intent is to improve all aspects of communication about safety, not just when a problem needs to be discussed. As such, it is applicable across a broad range of industry sectors and has been used in oil and gas, steel manufacture, building, and food and drink.


Key to this approach is an understanding of the factors that increase the likelihood of positive outcomes to a conversation, alongside the factors that are likely to lead to a poor response.

Our PSC training covers:

  • the importance of speaking up to create a safe culture
  • understanding and managing social threats to ensure successful safety conversations
  • practical conversation skills
  • understanding personal responsibilities in relation to the PSC programme

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Conversations about safety are rarely straightforward. Information may be communicated unclearly or interpreted incorrectly. One or both parties may feel threatened in some way. We have researched the psychology behind having an effective communication around safety and have put together a training course to teach people how to have a Positive Safety Conversation. This includes both delivery and receipt of a message.

In addition to training personnel in Positive Safety Conversations, we work with organisations to develop a practical application of the PSC methodology that will fit with their own organisational culture.

The development of a wider PSC programme can incorporate features such as:

  • use of Toolbox Talks to enhance employee understanding of safety communications
  • a questionnaire to understand barriers to safety communication
  • simple methods to help people initiate safety conversations
  • use of actors to enhance skills practice
  • setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and developing a rewards strategy for positive application of the PSC programme