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Leadership & Team Development

The Keil Centre’s Business Psychologists help organisations to develop core leadership capabilities and effective teamworking. We offer structured leadership development programmes, focused training courses, workshops, strategy day activities and 360 degree development suite. ​

Who's it for?

We work with individual leaders, leadership teams and HR/ Organisational Development professionals.

We offer tailored leadership development programmes as well as training on specific leadership topics.


Our support:

  • is insightful, informative, evidence-based without being faddy
  • answers your questions about theory whilst remaining engaging and topical
  • leads to deeper insights and sustained change
  • can be tailored to your needs and budgets

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We believe strong leadership develops over time. Our expertise lies in knowing how personality, organisational culture and team dynamics can shape the behaviour of individual leaders and leadership teams at work and applying this understanding to help leaders develop their skills. ​

We work closely with our clients to ensure our support is sensitive to organisational context and measure how effective the support has been. We offer a range of services, including comprehensive leadership programmes, short workshops at company away-days, 360 feedback and executive coaching.

Services offered

Meet the team

Our team of human factors experts includes Chartered Psychologists and Ergonomists with the highest level of qualification and professional accreditation. We have the practical expertise to support your needs.