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Control Room Design

Effective monitoring and control of complex systems relies heavily on the performance of the operator. Our Keil Centre experts ensure your control room supports optimal operator performance. We have considerable control room experience across many sectors, including high-hazard plants, air traffic control, transport and emergency services.

Who's it for?

We work within multi-disciplinary teams to integrate human factors within the design of the control room. We can also source the architectural and engineering disciplines or join your established team.

Our project experience includes a wide range of industries at all stages of design.


Getting the control room design right reduces operational upsets, incidents, and expensive redesign.

Applying human factors improves:

  • operational performance
  • team communication
  • workload management
  • health, comfort and satisfaction

We enable compliance of your control room with industry standards, such as ISO 11064.

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Effective operator performance is essential for ensuring safe operations. Communications and operational activities must be well-supported whilst avoiding distractions and inefficiencies. Our user-centred design approach combines the users’ needs with the technical, business and organisational needs.

Our team:
  • uses established analysis techniques to understand the end users’ needs in different operational scenarios
  • combines these needs with company-specific or international standards, such as ISO 11064
  • supports the design by considering options and design trade-offs
  • performs calculations and develops drawings to communicate design concepts
  • performs compliance reviews against ISO11064 or other standards
  • tests the design with end users, including equipment/ Human-Machine Interface (HMI) testing, console trials and/ or control room layout trials
The human factors scope typically includes the building and control room layout, console design, HMI design and environmental design.  The key considerations include:
  • space planning and arrangement, taking account of teamwork, collaboration, training and emergency management
  • console design, including size, adjustability, equipment arrangement, viewing off-workstation displays
  • HMI design for optimising situational awareness and control
  • acoustic design, lighting design, thermal comfort, and aesthetics
We also offer support for Management of Organisational Change and Workload Management