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Measuring Human Factors Maturity®

November 26, 2021

Shipping company with a fleet of oil, gas and chemical vessels and bulk carriers.

The issue: 
The company was new to human factors. They wanted to raise awareness across the company and work out what to do first.

The approach: The Keil Centre held a two-day workshop with fleet managers and vessel crews to raise awareness of human factors. Topics included:

  • human factors and major accidents
  • safety culture
  • human error
  • human performance
  • design

We then followed this with a human factors maturity® assessment to gain a baseline measurement and define priorities to work on.​

The outcome: The workshop led to a greater appreciation of the role of human factors in operations. The company found that their human factors maturity® was greater than they had expected. With our support, they identified their Human Factors priorities as defining the process for assessing human error, developing better procedures and improving incident investigation.​

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