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Wellbeing and Resilience at Work

March 30, 2020

CALA homes


The issue: CALA homes, a major UK homebuilder, engaged the Keil Centre to support their people managers’ understanding of workplace wellbeing, psychological health and resilience.

The approach: The Keil Centre’s Chartered Occupational Psychologists delivered 1-day training courses as part of CALA’s Leadership Development Programme.
This 1-day course:

  • makes an explicit link between the management of wellbeing and the organisation’s core values
  • increases managers’ personal resilience and knowledge of strategies to boost individual wellbeing and thriving at work
  • helps managers develop empathy and understanding of others who may be less resilient
  • improves the individual response to signs of stress in themselves
  • improves how managers respond to signs of stress in others
  • promotes the company’s resources related to wellbeing and mental health ​

The outcome: Feedback from managers highlighted that:

  • the course was practical, focused on tips and techniques rather than just providing theories and concepts
  • the Keil Centre facilitator was knowledgeable, able to answer questions comprehensively
  • the sensitive nature of the topic was handled well, giving people space to comment and learn from each other in a supportive environment
  • clear links made between what can feel less tangible (mental wellbeing) and the more tangible signs (errors, ill-health, impact on safety etc.)

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