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Resolving Musculoskeletal Complaints

March 25, 2020

Drinks production and bottling facility


The issue: Staff working on a specific bottling and packaging line within the factory were experiencing back and upper limb pain. Some staff had taken time off from work with musculoskeletal injuries. The product and packaging had recently been redesigned. ​

The approach: Our experts performed a task analysis to understand the tasks at different workstations on the production line. We conducted postural analyses and assessments to pinpoint the key issues. We then supported the redesign of the product and the production line layout. Based on our recommendation, the client also introduced job rotation, work-rest cycles and postural training.​

The outcome: The production line modifications showed a marked reduction in risk for workers. The product redesign enabled improvements for both the workers and customers. Further assessments were undertaken to reduce issues elsewhere in the factory.

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