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360 Degree Feedback

March 26, 2020

Public sector agency


The issue: Following organisational restructure and a change in strategic direction, this agency wished to support the effectiveness of its senior leadership team. ​

The approach: Facing reservations from individuals who had not undertaken 360 degree feedback before, we worked closely with HR colleagues teams to build engagement with the project. Together with our client, we crafted a bespoke set of behaviours aligned with the organisation’s existing competency framework and clearly mapped onto their newly crafted values.

The outcome: The surveys were carried out in a staged process and all feedback conducted at the client’s offices. Some staff members also completed a psychometric assessment of personality to provide additional breadth to the feedback received. Following the individual feedback sessions, the agency’s leadership team also received the collated feedback. This helped them understand the collective strengths in their extended management team and to identify specific actions they could take to support further development.

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